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P.E and Question About Wigs!

P.E is not for everyone. Unfortunately for me, It's not my favorite subject. And the worst part for me, is when it's the new school year and you're all excited to get started. (Hey, it's new friends, classes, and schedules! What's not to be excited about?!) Then you take one glance at your new, freshly printed, snow white piece of paper and you notice that Gym is at the top of the list. Great. Anyone else have those times? Where gym is at the top? Then after you do all your exercise of the morning, you smell like sweat and gunk. And then your pomegranate "Reviving" deodorant isn't covering up the smell at all. Fantastic! So you try and go wash your face in the ladies' (or mens') room and try to wash up. Then, you notice that you're late for class. So you hurry in and and open the door and try to sneak in, when your emergency tampon pack (hey, you never know what time of the month it is.) falls on the floor and spills everywhere. Face burning, you try to clean them up. But even the teacher is laughing. Middle school humiliation. I LIVE for it.
Then you notice you forgot your homework, you get in trouble, yada, yada, so on so forth.
Then you come home, relieved that the day is over, and then you find out you're having liver for dinner. I just go straight to my room and sleep. Day over. Mission accomplished.

Anyways, enough groveling about my day. I have a question for all of you people out there. I know that most lolitas wear wigs and all, but how do I know if it's a high quality one and how do I know if it looks good on me? (I mean, you don't get to try it on online. But that would be cool...)
So, any recommended sites or any tips on how to choose wigs online, comment below! Or if you could put a great wig store address in Washington State, I LOVE YOU!!!

Thanks for reading my random-sob story- blog! Love you! Mwah <-- kissing sound


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